Picking your Realtor

Oct 16, 2021

As you venture into your real estate journey, you are typically faced with the task of picking the professional you want to take on the ride. There are a few ways that you are exposed to real estate agents;

1. They’re family or friends
2. You’ve seen advertising
3. You used their website and they reached out to you

Buying real estate is one of the biggest purchases you’ll be making and an agent’s job is to make sure your transaction goes smooth, is a flawless process, and is a profitable pick for you.

The key things to look for in an agent according to us would be:

1. Job status!
There are many part time agents in the industry, this is exactly why everyone says that this industry is saturated. Your best interest is to pick an agent that does this full time – this way you get a wealth of experience on your side and someone who is invested in your success 24/7 until you find the home of your dreams.

2. Specialization
There are SO MANY categories when it comes down to real estate. There are different types of properties, different types of transactions, and different types of areas and learning all of them for a clients complete benefit could take decades.

For clarity, the types of types of properties include: commercial land, commercial buildings, detached homes, townhomes, semi detached homes, row homes, mobile homes, land, co-operatives, condo apartments, condo townhomes, etc.

The types of transactions include: renting, buying, and selling

And there are way to many cities and areas to put a number on it to be completely honest.

There are way to many ways to mix and match those categories to be a specialist at all of them. So one of the first ways to make sure you get the right agent on your team is to determine exactly what you want. If you’re looking to buy a condo apartment, you’re best off finding an agent that knows and deals with just condos.

(Shameless self promo: we do JUST condos, so if you’re looking to buy a condo, we can help you buy a condo because we’ve only dealt in condos and that means we know how to do it and what to expect in a condo sale)

3. Connection and Comfort
You should be comfortable dealing with your real estate agent. You should be able to tell them what you’re feeling about things and you should be able to trust them!

Now you know that if your real estate agent has a job on the side, “specializes” in selling and buying homes, condos and pizza stores, interview a few more agents 🙂