Move over Toronto, it’s 905 time

Oct 20, 2021

Everyone remembers what happened with downtown Toronto a few years back right; well, Mississauga is the newest heavy hitter in the GTA.
Over the years, Mississauga has grew in the shadows of Toronto and was often overlooked in the world of real estate. Developers had snagged up a lot of the empty land over the last decade and built around malls and major city intersections to increase accessibility, residence population, and inevitably real estate prices. As builders have built in the major pockets of the city, the city has also invested money into bettering the city as well, and as this has been happening, businesses and the major malls have also revamped their businesses as well.

According to us, the major reasons for Mississauga’s big boost are:
Erin Mills Town Centre Revamp
1. Creating expansions to the mall
2. Bringing in a movie theatre
3. Face lift for the near by go station

First Time Home Buyers Market
1. Families are comfortable with the Mississauga culture, reputation, & convenience
2. Best economical option considering commute and average prices
3. No additional land transfer tax and lenders are very comfortable valuing Mississauga condos right in the range they are selling at

Toronto Dwellers Moving West
1. Toronto market isn’t as affordable as it was a few years back, so Torontonians are finding the next most convenient area to live in

Investor FOMO
1. Investors observed the opportunity they missed when they didn’t invest in Toronto. Seeing the same pattern in construction and valuations, they are compelled to buy whatever they can.
2. Investor polluting the market is adding pressure on buyers to compete

Influx of condo units
1. There is now room for almost 7000 new families to live in the beautiful city of Mississauga
2. Mississauga is now ready to welcome immigrants and also inter province movers

Do you have some extra cash? Buy a condo in Mississauga.