Going to a strangers home, comes with some rules

May 2, 2021

When a home is listed, the home owner is basically opening their doors for hundreds of strangers to come in and look around – the turn their home into a museum. As buyers, and buyer agents, we have free tickets to this museum, however we need to show some mannerism when we’re in there. As Condo Nerds, we’ve been on 1000s of showings and have seen some strange things… so I’m sure the sellers will appreciate this post where we run through some of the unspoken, unwritten showing rules.

1. Pay mind to the “Please Remove Your Shoes Sign” and remove your shoes
2. Don’t snack on the trail mix you see on the counter
3. Let’s respect the sellers privacy and leave their drawers and cabinets closed
4. The seller’s most likely won’t be leaving their furniture, let’s not lay on their bed and test out their mattress
5. If we turn on the lights, let’s turn them off, if they were on when we came in, lets leave them on
6. Unless you’re on the brink of having an accident, don’t use the bathroom
7. And our biggest horror story, don’t leave a sticky note for the seller that says “Your unit sucks”

In the utmost confidence, sellers let us visit their home when they’re not there and we hope that we can upkeep that confidence with all of our sellers!

Happy buying!